Meet our new intern, Erin Andary

A journalism-turned-PR major, Erin will be with us until she graduates this December. We’re excited to have Erin working with us. Get to know her through this brief Q&A.

Where are you from?

I grew up in Leander, Texas, just north of Austin, which has grown from a small town to a big city right before my eyes.

Why did you choose to study public relations?

I started out as a journalism major—that’s what I wanted to do since I was in fourth grade, actually—and then as I grew up and discovered different aspects of journalism and communication, I came across public relations and was hooked. There’s so much more to PR than writing, and I love the variety of ways you’re able to get involved with clients. The whole social media aspect of PR is fun to be a part of as well, and it’s interesting seeing how the industry has continued to evolve.

What do you do in your spare time?

I play soccer and volleyball whenever I get the chance, and floating the San Marcos River is always a great time. I like to read and hang out at some of the local coffeehouses in San Marcos as well.

Do you have any pets?

Yes! I have two dogs back home, Bailey, a Jack Russell Terrier, and Riley, a lab/pit mix my sister and I adopted from a shelter about three years ago.

What is your favorite social media site?

Probably Twitter. I could be on it for hours. It’s equal parts business and fun, and it’s a great way to interact with millions of people at once).

If you could live in any TV show, which would it be?

I would probably live in Pawnee, Indiana with Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation. I worship that show. It wouldn’t necessarily be a fabulous lifestyle with lots of money, fancy cars and all that, but what more could you want in life than good-hearted, passionate friends and lots of laughs?

Where is your dream house located?

I’ve always dreamed of living in New York City or San Francisco. I’ve never been to either of those places, though, so who knows! I would love to live abroad for a while and experience different cultures, but I think I’ll stick around Austin a while longer.

What is your dream job?

I would love to go into entertainment PR. I took a few film classes for my minor and discovered that I really enjoy film production. Working as an in-house public relations consultant for a film production company in the future would be ideal.

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