Whether they’re in the public or private sector, serving businesses or consumers, working on a large scale or developing a specialized niche, clients of Brenda Thompson Communications have one thing in common: They all benefit from the fresh thinking, extensive experience, and far-reaching network of contacts that the company brings to every situation.

Current & past clients

What our clients say…

“Brenda is a seasoned PR pro you can trust. She’s strategic, creative, connected and able to make good things happen. But more than that, she cares. Brenda will make your cause her cause and that kind of dedication makes all the difference.”

“Brenda doesn’t just do PR; she helps clients design the right product and events so that the client earns the right kind of recognition.”

“Brenda showed incredible dedication to helping my organization accomplish its marketing goals. I was repeatedly amazed by her willingness and ability to learn the science behind our work. We remain forever grateful for her tenacity.”

“We hired you to turn lemons into lemonade and you delivered! Not only did you help tell our story, you mentored us throughout the process, teaching us valuable lessons that will pay dividends for years to come. We would never consider another PR firm and will strongly recommend your services without hesitation.”

“Brenda is an expert in relationship building, which is at the heart of excellent PR. She builds alliances, makes meaningful connections, and thinks inventively about how to foster and build upon a client’s brand. Brenda has made herself a valued and loved member of the community, and her personal contributions and ties to so many different facets of our region are invaluable for her clients. Consequently, she is an influence-maker, who earns the trust and respect of her peers and the media with whom she interfaces. A thoughtful strategist who works well with a wide variety of persons, Brenda is fueled by a passion to be her best, and delivers personalized attention that is tailor-made for success.”