What our clients say…

“Before agreeing to take me on, Brenda read my new novel Rare Stuff, saying that she would work with me only if she believed in the project. This impressed me, as other PR consultants seemed to be cranking out the same old, same old with no innovation or commitment. Brenda is an ethical person who cares deeply about her client’s success. She goes above and beyond to make things happen; she concocts outside-the-box strategies; she invests a huge amount of time and effort in knowing the ins and outs; and she communicates clearly and often. I would love to work with Brenda for all of my future books!”

“Brenda is phenomenal at what she does and has become an integral partner of GFO Home. When we were ready to share our story with the world, she did just that. The exposure that Brenda has gotten us is exactly what I was hoping for. Her media knowledge, professionalism and strategic, diligent work has generated real results.”

“For more than two years, Brenda led efforts for the University of Texas System’s promotion of its PBS series, State of Tomorrow.  The series focused on challenges facing Texas and higher education’s critical role as problem solvers.  The same role can be said of Brenda – problem solver.  She knew exactly how to generate positive media coverage.  She coordinated messaging with other Texas public universities. And, perhaps most importantly, it was through her connections that State of Tomorrow and its special curriculum were distributed to more than 1,000 school libraries across the state.  She blew away our expectations!”

“Brenda Thompson is a Texas legend in my book. She consistently goes above and beyond the call of her assignment, which is high praise from a founder of GSD&M. Don’t Mess With Texas: The Story Behind the Legend has been successful because Brenda has willed it to be successful, putting us in front of major players and making sure that our book signing audiences were enthusiastic and motivated to buy. She’ll be in the trenches with us anytime we go into a book marketing battle.”

“Brenda’s thorough and thoughtful approach to PR has helped the Texas Book Festival immensely. She provides sound guidance delivered with wit and compassion, and continually puts her connections to work for our benefit. We love working with her and her team, and it’s a bonus that the woman loves to read and talk about books!”

“Brenda literally helped me find my voice. I was thrilled to get more opportunities to speak about empathy in marketing, but public speaking nerves are quite real for me and I lacked the media skills to express myself fully. Brenda helped me to develop strategies and prepare for these speaking engagements and interviews. Now, I feel more confident and prepared and much happier afterward! Brenda is an incredibly thoughtful, empathetic public relations professional who really understands how to craft and share stories. I recommend her without hesitation to anyone who has a story to share.”

“Brenda showed incredible dedication to helping the National LGBT Cancer Network accomplish its marketing goals. I was repeatedly amazed by her willingness and ability to learn the science behind our work. We remain forever grateful for her tenacity, and are also proud to now have her serving on our national board of directors as well.”

“Brenda is an expert in relationship building, which is at the heart of excellent PR. She builds alliances, makes meaningful connections, and thinks inventively about how to foster and build upon a client’s brand. Brenda has made herself a valued and loved member of the community, and her personal contributions and ties to so many different facets of our region are invaluable for her clients. Consequently, she is an influence-maker, who earns the trust and respect of her peers and the media with whom she interfaces. A thoughtful strategist who works well with a wide variety of persons, Brenda is fueled by a passion to be her best, and delivers personalized attention that is tailor-made for success.”

“It’s been a great pleasure getting to know Brenda over the years. Not only is she a master of her professional craft, she’s a wonderful human being. Her commitment to personal and professional growth has been steadfast and it shows in the quality and loyalty of her clients and colleagues. She’s the real deal and a total gem!”

“Brenda gets your business heard. She has the ability to clearly and concisely understand and deliver our messages to the right audiences for maximizing our exposure in today’s incredibly congested market. Brenda has a clear vision of the often blurred lines separating PR, marketing, and advertising. Her experience and understanding of our needs has helped ThunderCloud manage our entire marketing budget more efficiently.”

“When preparing to open a new brand and hotel concept, Lone Star Court in Austin, we retained Brenda Thompson Communications. Brenda was such a pleasure to work with and has so many amazing contacts in the Austin area. She was timely and always knew the right pitch to the right person at the right time. She not only helped us launch the hotel but also our restaurant concept and chef, so her hands were full with the many facets of opening a hotel. From moving dirt and our groundbreaking to our grand opening party and opening our doors for the first time, she was a great contributor to our team.”

“Fifteen years ago Mobile Loaves & Fishes, then a fledgling non-profit, decided to step off the cliff and hire someone to guide us in our public relations. That person was Brenda Thompson. I believe the impact Brenda had on our organization will echo throughout eternity. Although several years have passed since we worked together, a day doesn’t go by that I don’t see her fingerprints on the work we do. For me personally, and for Mobile Loaves & Fishes, she was and remains a gift from heaven!”

“Brenda has been an integral partner to Freedom Solar and contributed meaningfully to growing our business over the past three years. She and her team have provided strategic insights while helping us meet our objectives as the business evolved,  from media pitching to social media to event planning to award submissions. She is flexible, organized, strategic, easy to work with, and able and willing to leverage her strong network to generate positive results. Thanks to her, we have received significant media coverage that has raised our company profile in expansion markets, grown our social media following substantially, and cemented our reputation as a solar industry leader in Texas. She is a valuable partner and I highly recommend her.”

“We turned over our PR needs to Brenda Thompson Communications several years ago and since then we have discovered the breadth of her network and ability to be effective. Hiring Brenda has allowed us to confidently focus our attention on other areas of our work while knowing our communication needs are being managed in the most productive way possible. Brenda will take the time to understand your work deeply, identify the greatest opportunities, and produce unexpected and successful results. Our visibility in the community is much stronger with her on our team.”

“Oh, Brenda, you’re a miracle worker! As a result of your vision and methodical planning, thousands of librarians dressed in red and carrying placards and banners marched to the Capitol during this legislative session, chanting ‘Get libraries out of the red!’ and ‘Libraries are public education!’ This inspiring rally, punctuated with librarians literally beating the drums for libraries, was the talk of the town, and media was everywhere. What an incredible opportunity you created for us to show our collective strength. You are fun, creative, and awesome!”

“Sustainable Food Center was fortunate to have Brenda Thompson serve on our board for three incredible years. It was after her tenure and when we were looking to secure outside marketing and communications assistance that we hired Brenda Thompson Communications, having had such a great experience with her and her team previously. They were able to garner media attention for SFC at a critical time of our growth, and helped us think strategically about our marketing and PR goals. They are responsive and proactive, with ideas to help bring people closer to SFC.”

“Before we hired Brenda, I had a hunch that more focus on PR would help our organization. Now that we’ve worked with her for a year, I can’t imagine our organization without her! Not only has her work elevated our brand awareness locally and beyond Austin, she has been a thoughtful, strategic partner in almost every major decision, rolling with the fast-paced, always-changing nature of our work. She and her team are so on the ball, anticipating our needs before we even know we have them. Working with her has definitely made us a smarter, more professional organization. She is also funny, kind, stylish, smart, and a joy to work with, and that doesn’t hurt either!”

“Brenda doesn’t just do PR; she helps clients design the right product and events so that the client earns the right kind of recognition.”

“Brenda is a seasoned PR pro you can trust. She’s strategic, creative, connected and able to make good things happen. But more than that, she cares. Brenda will make your cause her cause and that kind of dedication makes all the difference.”

“Brenda Thompson was my first, second, and third choice to promote my book, ‘Don’t Mess With Texas: The Story Behind the Legend’. Partnering up with her again to launch H2Orange Purified Texas Water was a no-brainer. H2Orange funds academic scholarships to The University of Texas at Austin, and nobody knows more about successful PR and product promotion than Brenda. From our news conference in UT’s Main Building, to the glitzy launch party in President Bill Powers’ office, to relationship-building with the Texas Exes, major grocery chains and convenience stores, Brenda pulled out all the stops to insure a successful launch and continued positive publicity for this powerful brand. Hook ’em, Brenda!”

“We hired you to turn lemons into lemonade and you delivered! Not only did you help tell our story, you mentored us throughout the process, teaching us valuable lessons that will pay dividends for years to come. We would never consider another PR firm and will strongly recommend your services without hesitation.”

“Brenda and her team are an absolute delight to work with.  While I know she works with many clients, by virtue of her hard work and the personal attention she gives us, it often feels like Brenda and her team work exclusively with Kerbey Lane Cafe.  She really takes the time to understand our business, our challenges, and our PR needs.  I always look forward to our monthly meetings because Brenda brings a nuanced perspective to issues and ideas that I wouldn’t think of on my own.  Whether helping us weather a crisis or promoting our brand in the community, Brenda is a consummate professional and an integral member of our team. ”

“Brenda is our go-to PR professional for the Austin and Texas media markets. We have worked with her on behalf of our client CentraSight for the past three years. Her most recent PR efforts garnered a front-page story in the Austin Statesman. She was a pro at working with the patients, doctors, and the media to generate a positive story about our client’s medical device product.”