Communications Planning

“Not only did you help tell our story, you mentored us throughout the process, teaching us valuable lessons that will pay dividends for years to come.”

Jonathan Boatwright
Realty Austin

Media Relations

“Brenda was such a pleasure to work with and has so many amazing contacts. She was timely and always knew the right pitch to the right person at the right time.”

Amy Trench
Corporate Director of Marketing, Events, and Public Relations
Valencia Group

Social Media

“Brenda gets your business heard. She has the ability to clearly and concisely understand and deliver our messages to the right audiences in today’s incredibly congested market.”

Mike Haggerty
ThunderCloud Subs


  • Communications Planning

  • Messaging

  • Media Relations

  • Social Media

  • Community Engagement

  • Content Creation

  • Executive Positioning

  • Spokesperson Training

  • Relationship Management

  • Strategic Partnerships

  • Crisis Communications

What our clients say…

“Brenda’s thorough and thoughtful approach to PR has helped the Texas Book Festival immensely. She provides sound guidance delivered with wit and compassion, and continually puts her connections to work for our benefit. We love working with her and her team, and it’s a bonus that the woman loves to read and talk about books!”

“Before we hired Brenda, I had a hunch that more focus on PR would help our organization. Now that we’ve worked with her for a year, I can’t imagine our organization without her! Not only has her work elevated our brand awareness locally and beyond Austin, she has been a thoughtful, strategic partner in almost every major decision, rolling with the fast-paced, always-changing nature of our work. She and her team are so on the ball, anticipating our needs before we even know we have them. Working with her has definitely made us a smarter, more professional organization. She is also funny, kind, stylish, smart, and a joy to work with, and that doesn’t hurt either!”