Emancipet offering FREE vet care for Houston pets in the wake of Hurricane Harvey

A collaboration with The HSUS and The Lewyt Trust, with support from Maddie’s Fund, will help keep pets and their people together
Emancipet, the nonprofit veterinary clinic operating in Houston’s East End, has seen a huge outpouring of support for its initiative to provide free veterinary care to Houston pets whose families were impacted by Hurricane Harvey. As a result of this generosity, and especially a significant grant from the Alex & Elisabeth Lewyt Charitable Trust and The Humane Society of the United States, and a generous grant from Maddie’s Fund®, Emancipet will be able to provide free veterinary care at it’s Houston location for three months beginning this Saturday, Sept. 9, as families get back on their feet.

“We know how much pets mean to their families, and our goal is to help people keep their pets, and keep them healthy, during this difficult time,” says Emancipet CEO Amy Mills. “Many families impacted by Harvey were already struggling financially, and may believe they have no choice but to give up their pets or forego treatment because they can’t afford vet care. These generous funders are helping us make sure that doesn’t happen.”
During the next three months, fees for veterinary services at Emancipet Houston will be waived for pet owners.. This includes the services Emancipet has always provided like exams, spay/neuter, vaccinations, microchipping, and heartworm treatment. During this time of extraordinary need, Emancipet’s veterinarians will also treat some illnesses like respiratory, skin, and ear infections, and some injuries like wounds and lacerations, and can perform some medically necessary surgical procedures.
To ensure these funds stretch as far as possible, and to fulfill the goal of keeping pets with their families, this offer is for owned pets only. Spay/neuter and heartworm treatment requires an appointment, and all other services are available on a walk-in basis. Clients will not be asked for any proof of financial need in accessing the services.
Emancipet is located at 910 South Wayside Drive in Houston’s East End. For more information, go to https://emancipet.org/houston/ or call 713-321-2713. Currently days and hours of operation for walk-in care are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.
This donation from the Lewyt Trust and Maddie’s Fund and other contributions are providing the financial support needed for these efforts. To make a donation to Emancipet’s overall Hurricane Harvey Relief efforts, go to www.emancipet.org/donate/harvey.
Emancipet Houston will provide free veterinary care for Houston pets whose owners were impacted by Hurricane Harvey.
Emancipet will waive fees on all veterinary care beginning on Saturday, September 9, and will continue to provide free care for three months.
Hurricane Harvey has impacted thousands of Houston families, many of whom were already struggling financially. Providing free services will allow families to access veterinary care without adding any financial strain, allowing them to keep their pets and keep them healthy, as they get back on their feet.
Emancipet is a non-profit on a mission to make veterinary care affordable and accessible to all pet owners. Emancipet opens low-cost pet health clinics in underserved communities, including one in Houston’s East End.
About Emancipet
Emancipet’s mission is to make veterinary care affordable and accessible to all pet owners. To do this, Emancipet is building a national nonprofit low-cost veterinary care system, with clinics in underserved areas of Austin, Houston, Killeen, and Pflugerville Texas; and in Philadelphia. Emancipet advocates for public policy that improves the lives of pets in underserved communities, and recently launched Emancipet New School, which equips and inspires animal welfare professionals in becoming change makers. Since it was founded in 1999, Emancipet has spayed or neutered more than 275,000 dogs and cats and will serve more than 100,000 pets and their families this year. www.emancipet.org.
About HSUS
The Humane Society of the United States is the most effective animal protection organization, as rated by our peers. For more than 60 years, we have celebrated the protection of all animals and confronted all forms of cruelty. We and our affiliates are the nation’s largest provider of hands-on services for animals, caring for more than 150,000 animals each year, and we prevent cruelty to millions more through our advocacy campaigns.
About The Alex and Elisabeth Lewyt Charitable Trust
The Lewyt Charitable Trust is a private foundation charged with the task of carrying on the Lewyt’s pioneering vision of improving the lives of companion animals, reducing animal cruelty and euthanasia rates, and supporting programs for the general betterment of all animals.
About Maddie’s Fund
Maddie’s Fund® is a family foundation created in 1994 by Workday® co-founder Dave Duffield and his wife, Cheryl, who have endowed the Foundation with more than $300 million. Since then, the Foundation has awarded more than $208.9 million in grants toward increased community lifesaving, shelter medicine education, and pet adoptions across the U.S. The Duffields named Maddie’s Fund after their Miniature Schnauzer Maddie, who always made them laugh and gave them great joy. Maddie was with Dave and Cheryl for ten years and continues to inspire them today.

Maddie’s Fund is the fulfillment of a promise to an inspirational dog, investing its resources to create a no-kill nation where every dog and cat is guaranteed a healthy home or habitat. #ThanksToMaddie.