DogBoy’s Dog Ranch

db-logo-biggerDogBoy’s Dog Ranch is a boarding and training facility for dogs.  When it was founded in 1995, DogBoy’s was the first kennel in Central Texas to accept only spayed or neutered dogs.  Many kennels soon followed DogBoy’s lead, and while its owners were pleased to inspire others, DogBoy’s was losing some of its differentiation from other kennels crowding the market. The challenge was to make DogBoy’s stand out from the crowd, and to make good on its mission to make the world a better place for dogs and their owners everywhere.

Brenda Thompson Communications came up with a big idea— the Spay Neuter Incentive Program (SNIP)—a coalition of pet-loving businesses designed to encourage spaying and neutering by providing incentives to businesses and their customers.  In less than a year, Brenda Thompson Communications:

  • Created a brand for the new coalition
  • Recruited more than 80 business members
  • Planned and executed a major event at DogBoy’s, with bands including nationally-famous Vallejo
  • Earned DogBoy’s finalist status as Most Innovative Business in Austin Chamber of Commerce competition
  • Earned media coverage including the Austin American-Statesman, Austin Business Journal, Austin Woman Magazine,
  • The Good Life, and three local television stations
  • Created collateral for the program, including a new website, brochures, and promotional items
  • Created an online community for SNIP members to exchange ideas and plans for the event
  • Received proclamations from the mayors of Austin and Pflugerville