Animal Trustees of Austin now part of Emancipet

Emancipet to fully incorporate ATA’s staff, facility, and programs

Animal Trustees of Austin is now officially part of Emancipet, and the merged organization will be even greater than the sum of its parts, serving more Austin-area people and pets with safe, affordable, and compassionate veterinary services.

EMA 2016 INFOGRAPHIC“As a nonprofit organization that has always provided a high volume of spay/neuter and preventive care, the opportunity to provide a more comprehensive set of services at our network of clinics is especially meaningful,” says Emancipet CEO Amy Mills.

“This merger allows us to immediately increase Austin pet owners’ access to critical treatment for life-threatening injuries and heartworm disease, as well as dental care. Soon, we will be able add these services to our branches in other communities that currently lack access to this type of affordable care for pets,” Mills says.

The merger of Animal Trustees and Emancipet was supported by a grant of $126,000 from the Austin Community Foundation, the largest gift ever made through the Foundation’s Community Grants program, according to CEO Mike Nellis.

“We’re proud to support the merger of these two organizations,” Nellis says. “Our investment clearly helps them leverage their strengths while building efficiency and enhancing their mission. The Foundation is committed to providing working capital to nonprofit organizations at every stage of their development through grants and impact investments,” Nellis says.

Emancipet now employs more than 110 people, and to accommodate the growth has expanded the national headquarters at 7010 Easy Wind Drive to nearly 5,000 square feet. Animal Trustees’ founder and executive director Missy McCullough has joined the staff of Emancipet as a key member of the senior leadership and fundraising team.

The merged organization has a budget of approximately $11 million, and expects to serve more than 100,000 pets in 2016.

Animal Trustees and Emancipet collaborated for many years on programs and initiatives to improve the lives of Austin pets, and the boards of ATA and Emancipet began exploring a merger last fall. Now that the merger is complete, Emancipet operates ATA’s former facility at 5129 Cameron Road. This brings the number of Emancipet branches in Texas to six. The first Emancipet clinic outside of Texas will open in Philadelphia later this year.

The former ATA facility is now known as the Emancipet Central Austin branch, and accepts walk-in visits for healthy pet services like vaccinations, puppy and kitten deworming, and microchipping Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. Clients may make appointments for spay/neuter and other procedures by visiting or calling 512-587-7729.  View More:

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