Author Brett Ashley Kaplan scores Kirkus Review

Rare Stuff by Brett Ashley Kaplan will be published August 1, 2022.

In a big win for a first-time fiction author, client Brett Ashley Kaplan scored a Kirkus Review of her debut novel Rare Stuff 

“Yiddish-speaking whales, a suitcase packed with secrets, and one young woman’s desperate attempt to find answers. The novel alternates among Sid’s perspective, the long-suffering André’s perspective, and chapters from Aaron’s unpublished manuscript featuring Yiddish-speaking whales trying to save the world from environmental collapse. Kaplan packs a lot into her novel and while the novel’s ambitious scope could easily have been its downfall, it’s saved by descriptions of tender longing for connection and purpose, particularly realized in André’s chapters, as well as a soft, magical tone. A dreamy story with surprising emotional resonance.” –Kirkus Reviews published online 5-11-22 and in the June 1 issue of the print magazine.

Rare Stuff is available for pre-order on Amazon, Bookshop, and Barnes & Noble and will be available Aug. 1.