American Underdog: the story behind Emancipet and Tito’s partnership in the New York Times

Check out the beautiful story in The New York Times about the partnership between our client Emancipet and Tito’s Handmade Vodka, #vodkafordogpeople, which begun before either was a national brand.

T Brand Studio and all those involved on the piece did a fantastic job! A preview excerpt is copied below, and you can read the entire story (entitled “American Underdog: How One Nonprofit Is Aiding Animals and Owners in Need”) online at

“In the early days of Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Bert Butler ‘Tito’ Beveridge II worked exhausting days at the distillery, with Dogjo, his German Shepherd mix, at his side. To hear him tell it, she was often the only contact he’d have with another lifeform for days as he cooked batches of the product, bottled it and loaded it for distribution. During those times, Beveridge often slept on a cot he’d set up in the warehouse, his companion curled up nearby. ‘Dogjo was with me the whole time. I still can’t talk about her without tearing up,’ he says.

Like Beveridge, countless Americans rely on their animals for comfort and companionship in hard times, many having to give up their pets because they can’t afford proper veterinary care. Emancipet, an Austin-based network of clinics, believes that everyone should have the ability to give their animals healthy, happy homes, no matter their income level.”