New BTC social media feature: Millennial Mondays

In 2014 we started a weekly Facebook post series called #MillennialMonday, from the point of view of BTC’s account executive and token millennial, Allison Baron.

Millennials—also known as the Millennial Generation or Generation Y—often get a bad rap for being tech-obsessed and entitled. Instead of debunking the negative stereotypes associated with millennials, we decided to embrace them and poke some fun at ourselves.

Below are a few of our favorite, most brutally honest #MillennialMonday posts. New ones are posted most weeks on the BTC Facebook page, so click here to become a fan and keep up with the latest.

You can learn a lot from WiFi network names, like when not to go on that second date.


As if that first migraine wasn’t painful enough, I also thought I might have a rare brain tumor thanks to WebMD.


That moment you hit send and realize you forgot to include the important attachment.


Did that really just come out of my mouth? UNDO.


20-something friends’ religious extremism, in bar graph format.


Thank goodness for Favor.


Sad, but true.


When you send invitations via a Facebook event, you aren’t allowed to complain when people who RSVPed don’t show up.


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